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District 2 Right-of-Way Plans

Access through OhROW

To view right-of-way plans from ODOT District 2, please visit the OhROW Viewer.

We recommend using a chromium based web browser. For example: Chrome or Edge
(The yellow lines have plans associated with them.  The orange dots may not have plans associated with them yet.)

Access through FTP site:

ATTENTION: The plans posted here are for historical research only. This site includes plans that date from the early 1900s to present day. We DO NOT warranty that the plan you are looking at represents the current Right of Way. Please feel free to contact District 2 at 419-373-7111 with any questions.
Please copy the URL below and paste into a new tab to access the ODOT District 2 Right-of-Way Plans:


You may need to enable the FTP flag on your Chrome Browser. FTP may not be available in Edge.