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The Division of Finance & Forecasting manages the fiscal resources that enable ODOT to achieve its mission, vision, values and goals. Finance & Forecasting staff:

Additional Finance Resources

ODOT Budget Facts

Learn more about ODOT's budget and gas tax revenue.

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Annual Financial & Statistical Report

An annual statement of ODOT's funding, expenditures, and State Infrastructure Bank loans.

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Professional Services Report

A quarterly financial report of professional service contractors hired by the Ohio Department of Transportation.

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Earmark and Discretionary Funding

Frequently asked questions about congressional FHWA earmarks and discretionary programs as an funding avenue for transportation projects.

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Animal-Drawn Vehicle Program Annual Report

Any organization, individual, or group of individuals may give money to the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) through the Animal-Drawn Vehicle Program to pay the expenses the state incurs in maintaining, repairing, or reconstructing state highways and roads upon which animal-drawn vehicles travel. This report details those funds and the projects for which they were used.

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