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Opportunity, Diversity and Inclusion

The Division of Opportunity, Diversity, and Inclusion promotes fair and equitable business practices for both employees and business partners that helps the department fulfill its mission. The division accomplishes its work through the efforts of three offices.

 Business & Economic Opportunity

Business & Economic Opportunity is responsible for the DBE and SBE certification programs, DBE and EDGE goal setting, goal attainment, Good Faith Efforts, DBE and OJT Supportive Services, and DBE Program reporting.


 Civil Rights Compliance

Civil Rights Compliance ensures ODOT and its contractors are in compliance with civil rights requirements and non-discrimination laws, rules, regulations, and executive orders.



ODOT's Outreach program creates opportunities for communication and networking.


ODI Mission and Vision Statements

ODI's Mission: To foster fairness, opportunity, and equality for all employees as well as the employees of our consultants and contractors.

ODI's Vision: To set new standards of excellence in opportunity, diversity, and inclusion among all DOTs and State Agencies.

The Division of ODI will work to increase diversity and inclusion opportunities for all stakeholders, including those seeking to do business with the department and those who seek employment with the department. The division is committed to:

  • Fairness, opportunity, and equality for all employees as well as the employees of our consultants and contractors.
  • Educating internal and external stakeholders on ODOT’s processes and how to do business with ODOT to remove barriers real and perceived.
  • Maintaining an aggressive outreach program to make sure all stakeholders—especially small and disadvantaged businesses and current and prospective ODOT employees—understand the resources and opportunities available to them.
  • Providing technical assistance to ODOT’s local partners (i.e., villages, cities, counties, etc.) in the areas of ADA/504 and Title VI compliance. 
  • Gathering and assessing feedback from stakeholders, customers, and the broader community.
  • Creating real and sustainable opportunities through education, networking, training and capacity building.
  • Encouraging on-the-job training opportunities to promote high standards of diversity and inclusion in the transportation infrastructure workforce.

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