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The Division of Planning’s staff analyze data to report on the performance of Ohio's transportation systems and forecast future needs. This insight informs the on-going planning process that maps out the future of the state's transportation system. Planning staff accomplishes their goals through the efforts of the following working units:

Data Governance

The office of Data Governance supports ODOT’s enterprise data driven decision making processes, to ensure strategic and sustainable planning and investment strategies for Ohio’s Transportation System.


  • Data Governance
  • Transportation Asset Management
  • Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

Environmental Services

Providing information, policy and training to governmental bodies for safe, efficient and environmentally compliant transportation plans.

Programs include:

Local Programs

Coordinating functions related to cooperative construction projects with local governments through training and funding programs.

Programs include:

Statewide Planning & Research

Managing statewide and regional planning efforts to ensure transportation needs are met in a cooperative and equitable process.

Programs include:

Technical Services

Collecting data statewide and maintaining a data repository that supports and informs decision-makers throughout Ohio.

Programs include:

Transportation & Economic Development

Performing statewide conditions and needs analyses to manage the state's capital programs.

Programs include:


Coordinating public transportation initiatives through funding and training activities.

Programs include: