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ODOT seeks public comments on several projects

The Ohio Department of Transportation District 7 is seeking public comments regarding the following projects:

CHP-Urbana South High Street Improvements, PID 112019- The City of Urbana proposes to improve South High Street, to provide improved pedestrian and bicycle access, address traffic-related safety concerns, address inadequate stormwater control, and provide improved on-street parking. The project will include roadway reconstruction, new sidewalk and storm sewer, shared lane markings, and traffic calming measures.

CLA-Enon-Xenia Road Improvements, PID 109441 – The Clark County Engineer’s Office proposes to undertake improvements on Enon-Xenia Road from Hunter Road to Southern Vista Drive. The project will include pavement rehabilitation, curb/gutter, and sidewalk improvements, a multi-use trail, and a new center left turn lane at the school entrance. The project is intended to address the deteriorated condition of the project corridor’s pavement, storm system, and county-owned water main and to address peak congestion during arrival and dismissal in and around the Greenon school site. 

MER-Hellwarth Road Improvements, PID 113884 – The Mercer County Engineer’s Office propose to undertake minor widening of Hellwarth Road (TR91) from State Route 29 to Mud Pike. The project will address the deficient pavement width for improved safety.  

MOT-Shoup Mill Road Improvements, PID 110332- The Montgomery County Engineer’s Office proposes to address the deteriorated condition, deficiencies and safety concerns of Shoup Mill Road, from Main Street to Lofty Oaks. The project will include roadway reconstruction, new sidewalk, and a shared use path.  

MOT-IR75 Reconstruction in Moraine, PID 107375 - ODOT proposes to reconstruct Interstate 75, from SLM 06.86 to SLM 09.57.  The project will replace the existing pavement and pavement markings. The southbound deceleration ramp from I-75 to Dryden Road will be extended approximately 100 feet. The segment of I-75 from SLM 09.68 to SLM 11.22 will be resurfaced.  The median barrier from SLM 09.68 to SLM 10.44 will be replaced. Within the corridor, storm sewer facilities, lighting, signage and related appurtenances will be replaced/upgraded as needed. Minor bridge repairs, without instream work, will be undertaken. The project is necessary to preserve and maintain this component of the transportation system.

The project is expected to begin in Fall 2022 and require approximately two years to complete.  Traffic on the interstate will be maintained, although lane closures and shifts will be necessary. Ramp detours, of two to three months each, may be necessary; signed detours will be provided.

Additional information regarding the above projects is available on the ODOT PROJECTS page. You can easily search for each of the above projects by entering the project’s unique PID number into the “Search by Keyword” filter. 

Comments may be submitted by contacting the individual below.  Issues the public may wish to comment on include but are not limited to, the effect of the project on local residents, air quality, the local economy, and historic or cultural resources. Comments should be submitted by Friday, April 30, 2021. 

Those interested in giving feedback on the above project can submit their comments to Tricia Bishop at 937-497-6721.