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Move Over, Slow Down

Move over and slow down. It's the law.

The Move Over Law is a lifesaving law in the state of Ohio that requires drivers to move over and slow down for any stationary vehicle with flashing lights on the side of the road. The law applies to vehicles with flashing lights of any color, including law enforcement officers, emergency responders, road construction, maintenance vehicles, utility crews and tow trucks.

The law applies to all roadways and highways in the state, and fines are doubled for failing to comply with it.

Remember to always Move Over, Slow Down and Pay Attention for every flashing light, every time. It just may save a life. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Move Over law?

Ohio's Move Over law is designed to protect the lives of everyone who works on or uses our roadways. The law requires all drivers to move over one lane passing by any vehicle with flashing or rotating lights parked on the roadside.

The original law took effect in 1999 to reduce risk to law-enforcement officers and emergency responders. It was expanded in December 2013 to apply to every stationary vehicle with flashing lights, including road construction, maintenance, and utility crews.

What if I can't Move Over?

The law recognizes that sometimes it is not safe or possible to move over because of traffic or weather conditions or because a second lane does not exist. In those situations, slow down and proceed with caution. Watch for people or objects that could enter your travel lane, and be prepared to stop.

Why Move Over?

Across the nation, hundreds of people are killed or injured every year due to being struck on the side of the road or highway. 

In Ohio alone, there were 5,226 Move Over crashes Between 2015-2020, of which:

  • 42% were law enforcement
  • 40% were construction, maintenance or utility workers
  • 10% were fire or ambulance
  • 4% were towing vehicles
  • 4% were other

By moving over and slowing down, Ohio drivers dramatically reduce the risk of harmful and even fatal crashes with stationary vehicles and people alongside the roadways.  

What are the Move Over penalties?

The Move Over Law is strictly enforced and violating it results in serious penalties, including a misdemeanor charge and up to double the usual fines for a first violation. Additional fines apply for distracted drivers and multiple violations in the same year. 

What types of roadways does the law apply to?

Ohio’s Move Over law applies to all roadways. It can be enforced by any law-enforcement officer, including state highway patrol officers, local police, and county sheriff's deputies.

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