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ODOT on Social Media

The Ohio Department of Transportation uses the following social media platforms to share information about both statewide and local topics. Connect with us on your favorite social media platforms!

Statewide accounts

Follow ODOT's statewide social media accounts for safety messages, news and stories about ODOT's work, and road conditions.


Local accounts

Each of ODOT's 12 regional districts maintain their own social media accounts to post localized information, including local road conditions, local construction information, and job postings.

District 1 - Northwest Ohio


District 2 - Toledo


District 3 - North Central Ohio


District 4 - Akron


District 5 - East Central Ohio


District 6 - Columbus


District 7 - Dayton


District 8 - Cincinnati


District 9 - Southern Ohio


District 10 - Southeast Ohio


District 11 - Eastern Ohio


District 12 - Cleveland