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Summit County: Construction update

Week of December 26, 2022

Summit County (Thursday, December 22, 2022) – Below is the current status of construction projects still considered active in Summit County. The Public Information Office will continue to notify you of any changes in lane restrictions and/or closures as they occur. 

As in previous years, we will no longer issue the weekly construction update during the winter months.  When the new construction season begins in spring 2023, we will again issue weekly updates.



Interstate 76/77 Akron Beltway reconstruction, Akron – reconstruction of I-76/I-77 between Princeton Ave. to V. Odom Blvd., I-77 between Cole Ave. and Waterloo Rd., and at State Route 8/I-76/I-77 Central Interchange.
NEW IMPACTS – Beginning Monday morning, January 9, at 6 a.m., Lakeshore Blvd. under I-76 will be closed through Thursday evening, January 12, at 6 p.m., for a bridge demolition. The detour for Lakeshore Blvd. southbound will be Russell Ave. To Manchester Rd. to South St. The detour for Lakeshore Blvd. northbound will be South St. to Princeton St. to Russell Ave.
CONTINUING IMPACTS – The following lane restrictions and closures are currently in place:

  • The ramp from I-76/U.S. 224 eastbound to I-76/Kenmore Leg northbound is closed through late fall 2024. The detour is I-76 eastbound to SR 21 northbound.
  • The ramp from I-76/Kenmore Leg northbound to I-76 eastbound/I-77 southbound is closed through late fall 2024. The detour will be I-77 northbound to Copley Rd. to I-77 southbound.
  • The ramp from I-76 eastbound to I-77 southbound is closed through late fall 2024. The detour is I-76/Kenmore Leg southbound to I-277/U.S. 224 eastbound to I-77.
  • The ramp from East Ave. to I-76 eastbound is closed through late fall 2024. The detour is Morse St. to Hawkins Ave. to V. Odom Blvd.
  • The ramp from I-76 westbound to East Ave. is closed through late fall 2023. The detour is I-76 west/I-77 north to V. Odom Blvd. to East Ave.
  • I-76 eastbound is reduced to two lanes between I-76/Kenmore Leg to the Central Interchange.



Interstate 77 interchange improvements – Complete the south half of the I-77 and Miller Rd. interchange by adding new ramps and pavement widening on I-77 and Miller Rd. Estimated Completion: November 2024

  • SR 21 (Brecksville Rd.) to I-77 south is closed through July 2023 for pavement work.
    • Detour is SR 21 (Brecksville Rd.) to Wheatley Rd. to I-77



Interstate 77/277/U.S.224 pavement replacement and widening, Coventry Township
CONTINUING IMPACTS – The following traffic patterns are in place:

  • Traffic on I-77 northbound is placed into a contraflow traffic pattern with two lanes of I-77 remaining in the northbound direction, and the far-left lane crossed over onto I-77 southbound.
  • The left lane on I-77 northbound is an exit only lane to I-277/U.S. 224 westbound. Traffic wishing to stay on I-77 northbound will need to stay in the right two lanes. This traffic pattern will remain in place through late summer 2023.
  • The ramp from I-277 eastbound to I-77 southbound is reduced to one lane.
  • Warner Rd. under I-77 has occasional daily closures between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. A detour will be posted.

Estimated completion, July 2024.