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Pilot Formation Process

The Mobility Ohio Committee has identified these strategic steps to develop the pilot:

  • Seek input and communicate effectively with state and local agencies and other stakeholders and funders.
  • Analyze various funding streams and policies to determine where inconsistencies can be minimized so more trips can be provided, more cost-effectively, with less paperwork.
  • Develop, align and coordinate transportation provider standards across multiple state
  • and local agencies to ensure consistent, high-quality and affordable service to clients and customers (e.g., driver and vehicle standards).
  • Develop and implement scheduling technologies to allow clients and customers to schedule trips at one central location by phone or online.
  • Use a combination of existing and new brokerage transportation service and software models to schedule, dispatch and broker trips within one software system. This will allow
  • all HST trips to be tracked and reported, with costs shared among multiple funders, then invoiced to the appropriate funding agency.
  • Develop a tool for transportation providers to determine their own rates using a consistent rate setting methodology based on fully allocated costs.
  • Establish a driver, vehicle and provider oversight database (e.g., drivers, vehicles, vehicle ADA accessibility). This tool will ease the process of tracking and ensuring driver and vehicle requirements are met.
  • Establish key performance indicators to report pilot progress and measure outcomes.

Pilot Region Stats