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System Performance Report

Cover of the AccessOhio 2045: System Performance Report

The two most recent federal transportation bills, MAP-21 and the FAST Act, established a performance management process and requirements for states, metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs) and public transit agencies. By applying local metrics toa set of national performance goals, these agencies can monitor the performance of their transportation network, prioritize transportation investments and evaluate the effectiveness of those transportation investments toward improving the overall system.
23 CFR 450.216(f)(2) requires the statewide, long-range transportation plan (Access Ohio) to include “a system performance report and subsequent updates evaluating the condition and performance of the transportation system with respect to the performance targets described in section 450.206(c), including progress achieved by the MPO(s) in meeting the performance targets in comparison with system performance recorded in previous reports”. This report has been created to satisfy these federal requirements.

Download the plan under Attachment.