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Transportation Asset Management Plan (TAMP)

Ashtabula Bridge at Night

How does ODOT take care of what we have? We've got a plan for that. 

ODOT operates, manages, and maintains one of the country’s largest Statewide transportation systems, containing:

  • Over 43,000 lane miles of roads, including the 5th largest Interstate highway network in the country
  • More than 14,000 Bridges, which is the 2nd largest inventory in the nation
  • Over 88,000 Conduits (including culverts and storm drains)

Many other assets (such as guardrails, signs, and retaining walls) that keep traffic moving safely.

The National Highway System (NHS) is a strategic network of highways that serve a vital function in moving people and goods throughout Ohio and beyond. Ohio has 21,776 lane miles on the NHS with the following breakdown:

  • 8,357 lane miles of Interstate
  • 13,487 lane miles of Non-Interstate