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Encouraging Diversity, Growth & Equity (EDGE)


EDGE is an assistance program for economically and socially disadvantaged business enterprises. The program establishes goals for state agencies, boards and commissions in awarding contracts to certified EDGE eligible businesses. EDGE applies to procurements of supplies and services, professional services, information technology services, construction and professional design services.

Certification for the program is managed through the Ohio Department of Development. Click the green LAUNCH button on this page for more information.

ODOT's Goal

5% of highway construction & design contracts that are 100% state funded, e.g. bridge repair, highway lighting, resurfacing, design services.

EDGE Eligibility

An EDGE participant must be a small socially and economically disadvantaged business enterprise owned and controlled by U.S. citizens who are Ohio residents.

Eligibility requirements (in part)

  • Socially disadvantaged requirements include race, ethnic origin, gender, physical/mental disability or long-term residency in an environment isolated from mainstream Ohio society. 
  • Economically disadvantaged criteria includes both of the following:
  • Personal net worth of each owner must not exceed $250,000 at the time of program entry.
  • Personal net worth of each owner must not exceed $750,000 during participation.
  • Fair market value of all assets must not exceed $4 million.