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Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)


Ohio’s Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) program is designed to assist minority businesses in obtaining state government contracts that do not involve federal funds. MBE applies to procurements of goods and services, professional services, and information technology services.

Certification for the program is managed through the Ohio Department of Administrative Services (DAS). Click the green LAUNCH button on this page for more information.

ODOT's Goal

20% set-aside and 5% participation for 100% state-funded purchases of goods and services (e.g., snow plows, aggregate, quick-setting concrete, traffic cones, transcription services) (note: ODOT’s set-aside goal exceeds the 15% required by law).

MBE Eligibility

Business owner(s) must be members of one or more of the following groups: Blacks, American Indians, Hispanics and Asians.

Eligibility Requirements (in part)

  • The business must be a for-profit entity.
  • In business at least 1 year prior to applying for certification.
  • The minority business owner must own and control at least 51 percent for one year prior to applying for certification.
  • Owner must be an Ohio resident.
  • Owner must be a U.S. citizen.
  • Owner has control over day-to-day operations.
  • Owner must have all licenses, permits and authorities required by law to perform the scope of work.