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The one-stop shop for environmental manuals, guidance, forms and examples.

Does ODOT care about the environment? You bet we do.

At ODOT we know our work impacts individuals, communities, and the environment. We strive to make a positive impact in all these areas and to avoid, minimize, and mitigate negative impacts. This means that everyone who works on an ODOT project must care about and protect the human and natural environment as well. ODOT’s environmental staff work with local, state, and federal partners to ensure environmental regulatory requirements for transportation projects are met. We maintain processes and procedures to document and implement compliance with these requirements.

We are currently in the process of moving and converting Environmental Services manuals and guidance into Web-friendly, device-adaptive applications. During conversion continue to visit the Publications Gateway to access most of Environmental Services Manuals and Guidance in one window. But if you see the manual you are looking for below, then click on that card for the most updated version.

Lauren Scarberry
Environmental Services Office Manager

Jacque Annarino
NEPA Assignment Coordinator

Processes & rules associated with documentation and file management...

Manuals & guidance associated with how ODOT documents and complies with federal and state rules to protect the environment during transportation projects.

Processes & rules for animals, plants and the natural environment...

Manuals & guidance associated with processes and rules protecting Ohio's plants and animals, and the environment they depend on to live.

Processes & Rules for the Human Environment...

Manuals & guidance associated with processes and rules protecting Ohio's human environment.