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Highway Safety Improvement Program
Photo of a typical Ohio roundabout

Highway Safety Improvement Program

HSIP – Providing data analysis support and funding for projects to improve severe crash locations on Ohio roads.

The Ohio Department of Transportation dedicates about $183 million annually for engineering improvements at severe crash locations or locations with the potential for severe crashes – one of the largest state investments in the nation. This funding is available to both ODOT and local governments, and it can be used to make improvements on any public roadway.

ODOT funds a mix of spot safety projects, such as intersection improvements, and systemic safety treatments, such as center and edge line rumble stripes and cable barrier, which can be installed across many miles for less cost.

The purpose of the program is to reduce traffic deaths and serious injuries on all public roads.

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ODOT’s Safety Program:
“Under Construction”

Major changes are underway to our Highway Safety Improvement Program to focus limited funding on fatal and serious injury crashes. We’re also creating a new program to encourage systemic or proactive safety investments to prevent specific high-severity crash types. We’re making these changes because traffic deaths in Ohio have risen six of the past seven years. Read more about these initiatives...

Explore the cards to learn more about HSIP funding application processes...