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School Zone Flasher Program

School zone crosswalk

School speed limit signs alert drivers they are entering a school zone and need to slow down for school children. School speed limits in Ohio are 20 miles per hour. These devices are important but should not be overused. Excessive and unreasonable use may lead drivers to ignore the devices. Occasional police enforcement is also needed at these signs.


If your school abuts a US Route or State Highway (outside of an incorporated area) that serves as a drop-off or pick-up point for students, or serves pedestrians and/or bicyclists, it may be eligible to receive a free school flasher through this program.  Those schools within an incorporated area should contact their local engineer.

Application Process

Eligible schools may click the link below to apply.

Go to Application Form

Selection Process

ODOT will review applications and site conditions, then contact the school to make a final determination. Flashers will be installed at most qualifying schools. Flashers will be installed as quickly as possible but will remain dependent on the number of applications ODOT receives. Schools located along high-speed routes with a higher number of economically disadvantaged students will be prioritized for installation first.