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Crash Tools, Trends & Resources

Data is the foundation of every highway safety program. Knowing how, when, where, and why traffic crashes occur and who is involved gives transportation professionals and other safety advocates clues to the types of strategies that can prevent crashes and reduce their severity.

In Ohio, crash reports are filed by more than 1,000 law enforcement agencies, then collected and analyzed by the Ohio Department of Public Safety. ODOT also analyzes the crash data, combining it with roadway and traffic volume information to identify locations and safety improvements with the greatest potential for reducing crashes. In addition, ODOT has developed user-friendly tools that automate the analysis so people at various skill levels can use the information to make better safety investments.

The Tools

All of the tools and related materials can be found on Analysis Tool Collection accessed via the green button.

GIS Crash Analysis Tool

GIS Crash Analysis Tool - A Transportation Information Mapping System (TIMS) application - uses GIS (Geographic Information Systems) to produce data that is spatially located (valid latitude/longitude). The purpose of GCAT is to provide a convenient highway safety crash analysis tool for ODOT, MPOs and county engineers.

The crash data provided by GCAT is not official and has been provided by the Ohio Department of Public Safety and modified by ODOT for engineering and analysis purposes ONLY. Original crash data reports can be obtained from the law enforcement agency handling the crash or Public Safety's Ohio Traffic Safety Office Crash Data site.

Crash Analysis Module Tool

The Crash Analysis Module (CAM) Tool allows users to quickly generate a site-specific summary from a file exported from GCAT to better understand crash patterns.

Crash Analysis and Planning Evaluation Tool

Crash Analysis and Planning Evaluation (CAPE) Tool is used by local partners to better understand regional crash trends.  This is often used to support the development and maintenance of Local Road Safety Plans.

Economic Crash Analysis Tool

ODOT developed a single spreadsheet to complete the HSM calculations that builds on data from the CAM Tool.  The Economic Crash Analysis Tool (ECAT) has the ability to calculate predicted crash frequencies, complete empirical bayes calculations, predict crash frequencies for proposed conditions, conduct alternatives analyses, and complete a benefit-cost analysis.

Safety Application Tool

The Safety Application Tool assists agencies in submitting a formal safety application.  It builds upon the ECAT results to calculate most of the scoring criteria. The remaining fields guide users through the necessary content to complete the application.

Map Room

We like maps and bet you do as well. Map Room tool set includes ESRI map applications and printable PDF map files. All the data is current and our Safety Team is available to help you with inquiries about the data and how to use it effectively.

Strategic Highway Safety Plan Dashboards

Take a deeper dive into Ohio crash data by crash types and jurisdiction. 

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Safety Map Viewer

Transportation professionals can obtain safety priorities and key metrics in the Ohio Safety Map Viewer through ArcGIS Online. This mapping application also includes information required for the Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) funding applications. 

Go to the Safety Map Viewer Tool  |  Safety Map Viewer Help Guide

Bicycle Level of Traffic Stress Calculator

Bicycle Level of Traffic Stress (LTS) is used as a way to quantify the level of stress or discomfort one may feel when biking close to traffic. This tool will give a base LTS score from 1 (low stress) to 4 (high stress) based on user inputs by facility type.

Systemic Safety Application Tool

The Systemic Safety Application Tool assists agencies in submitting a systemic safety application.  The application includes space for project sponsor information, project descriptions, funding information, location prioritization, and countermeasure selection.