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Local-Let Manual of Procedures

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1) Introduction & Process Overview

This Manual has been developed to aid the LPA in project development and administration and to provide an operating procedure for statewide consistency by both ODOT and the LPA. Where applicable, manual chapters include process flow charts and a list of ODOT and LPA Primary Roles & Responsibilities.

Step 1 of the Local-Let Process starts with the Introduction & Process Overview Chapter:

Introduction and Process Overview

2) LPA Participation

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) allows ODOT to delegate project activities on Federal-aid projects to Local Public Agenices (LPA), but ODOT is ultimately responsible and must assure local compliance with all federa and state laws, regulation and policies. LPA Participation is at ODOT's discretion; it is a privilege, not a right.

Step 2 of the Local-Let Process starts with the LPA Participation Requirements Chapter and related documentation:

LPA Participation Requirements Chapter Revised 5/2-022
LPA Participation Requirements Review Form (Excel)

3) Project Development & Design

The ultimate responsibility of Project Development & Design rests with ODOT; however, an LPA may request to administer its transportation capital improvement project that is funded with federal and state monies.

Step 3 of the Local-Let Process starts with the Project Development & Design Chapter and related documentation:

Project Development & Design Chapter

4) Right-of-Way

Right-of-Way refers to the real property rights which the LPAs must possess to construct locally administered transportation projects utilizing federal funds.

Step 4 of the Local-Let Process starts with the following Right-of-Way Chapter and related documentation:

Right-of-Way Chapter Updated
Acquisition Authorization with Federal Funds (Word) Updated
Acquisition Commencement without Federal Funds (Word) Updated
Federal Authorization Request Form (Word with Macros) Updated
Right-of-Way Acquisition Checklist (Word) Updated
Right-of-Way Definitions (Word) Updated
Local-let Right-of-Way Task Division Roles and Responsibilities (Word) Updated
Right-of-Way Scope Definitions and Task Division Worksheet (Word) Updated
Real Estate Forms (Link)

5) Environmental

The Environmental process is done in conjunction with the Office of Environmental Services and the District Environmental Coordinator. The process requires an environmental study to identify and demonstrate an understanding of the resources in a project area so that impacts can be avoided, minimized, and/or mitigated, provided that no other feasible and prudent alternative exists.

Step 5 of the Local-Let Process starts with the following PDF download and related documentation:

NOTE: Currently, environmental documents related to the Local-Let Process are being updated. Contact Local Programs staff or your District Environmental Coordinator (DEC) to assist with this part of the process.

LPA Environmental Chapter (UPDATED)
LPA Scope of Services Form for Environmental (Word)
Environmental Services Directory includes DECs  (Link)

6) Advertising Sale & Award

This chapter describes the process for preparating bid package and advertising, selling and awarding the project. If federal funds are involved in the project, this is an extremely critical step in the process. To obtain “Federal authorization” means to obtain permission from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) to begin the advertising process.

Step 6 of the Local-Let Process starts with the Advertising, Sale & Award Chapter and related documentation:

Advertising, Sale & Award Chapter Updated

7) Consultant Contract Administration

The LPA may engage consultants to perform architectural, engineering and related services needed to develop a Federal-aid project. However, the application of Federal requirements to the consultant selection process is dependent on the use of Federal funds in the consultant agreement. If Federal funds are used in a consultant agreement, Federal rules are invoked and ODOT is charged with oversight responsibilities. In this case the Department will be actively involved in the consultant selection and contracting process. If Federal funds are not used in a consultant agreement, the LPA must select an ODOT prequalified consultant in accordance with State law, but the LPA consultant selection process will not be subject to oversight from the Department.

Step 7 of the Local-Let Process starts with the following PDF download and related documentation:

Consultant Contract Administration Chapter (PDF)

8) Construction Contract Administration

Construction contract administration is the responsibility of the Local Public Agency (LPA) staff member “in responsible charge” and the Construction Project Engineer (CPE). As defined and described in the LPA Participation Requirements chapter of this manual, the person in "responsible charge" serves as the agency contact for all issues or inquiries, and is held accountable for ensuring that all applicable state and federal regulations are followed on the project. This person should be familiar with project progress, involved in decisions that require change orders, and visit the project on a frequency that is commensurate with the magnitude and complexity of the project.

Step 8 of the Local-Let Process starts with the LPA Construction Chapter and related documentation:

LPA Construction Chapter
Appendix A Pre-construction Meeting Checklist 
Appendix B Progress Meeting Agenda 
Appendix C LPA Project Documentation Checklist 
Appendix D Prevailing Wage Interview Form 
Appendix E Prevailing Wage Notice Employee 
Appendix F Final Wage Affidavit 
Appendix G LPA CUF GoFormz
Appendix H Certified Payroll
Appendix I LPA Prevailing Wage/EEO Monthly Report
Appendix J LPA Materials Management Process
Appendix K LPA Change Order Guidance
Appendix L LPA Change Order Notification Form
Appendix M LPA Form FHWA 1273 Affirmation
Appendix N Federal Poster Checklist 
Appendix O NonFederal Poster Checklist
Appendix P LPA Program Final Report Form
Appendix Q LPA SharePoint Site Creation User Guide
Appendix R DBE Affidavit of Subcontractor Payment
Appendix S EDGE Affidavit of Subcontractor Payment
Appendix T LPA CUF GoFormz User Guide
Appendix U District LPA Construction Inspection Report
Appendix V Prompt Payment GoFormz
Appendix W LPA DBE Trucking Log
Appendix X C92 Request to Sublet
Appendix Y LPA Project DBE Trucking Information
Appendix Z LPA PN31 Sanction Letter Template
Appendix AA LPA Prompt Payment Letter of Reprimand - 1st Occurrence
Appendix AB LPA Prompt Payment Letter of Reprimand - 2nd Occurrence
Appendix AC  LPA Close Out - DBE PW Affidavit

9) Railroad Coordination

“Railroad Coordination” refers to the process LPAs must follow when railroad property falls within the work limits of a proposed project. Any LPA Local-let project using Federal or State funds shall use the guidelines in this chapter while working with the railroad.

Step 9 of the Local-Let Process starts with the following PDF download and related documentation:

Railroad Coordination Chapter (PDF) Revised 7/31/2020
Railroad Authorization Letter (PDF) Update
District Railroad Coordinators (PDF) New
Railroad Contacts (PDF) New

10) Utilities

The objective is to establish reasonable time schedules with the utility owners for relocating their facilities thus avoiding any delay to the process of the Local-let construction project. It is important that working together the LPA and the Utilities identify as early as possible the facilities to be removed, relocated or replaced so that these time schedules can be included in the contract documents prior to bidding.

Step 10 of the Local-Let Process starts with the following Utilities Chapter and related documentation:

Utilities Chapter Updated
Utilities Contacts (PDF) New
Authorization Sample Letter (No local or federal funds) (PDF)
Authorization Sample Letter (with federal funds) (PDF)
Notification Award Sample Letter (PDF)
Notification of Preconstruction Meeting Sample Letter (PDF)
Notification Sale Date Letter (PDF)
RE 75-1 Preliminary Estimate (Excel)
RE 75-2 Summary of Billing (Excel)
Relocation Plans Letter (PDF)
Utilities 4A Sample Letter (PDF)
Utilities Billing Checklist (PDF)
Utilities Flowchart (PDF)
Utilities Plan Acceptance Letter (PDF)
Utilities Verification Sample Letter (PDF)
Utility Agreement (PDF)

11) Finance

The Finance chapter describes the process for obtaining an ODOT approved fringe and/or overhead rate, how to apply the approved rate, and invoicing for reimbursement or direct pay to the contractor.

Step 11 of the Local-Let Process starts with the Finance Chapter and related documentation:

Finance Chapter Updated
Local Invoice District Checklist (Excel) Revised 7/30/20

12) Title VI

This chapter will provide a comprehensive overview of Title VI and these expansions regarding Local Public Agency (LPA) Local-let, Federal-aid projects. Additionally, the intent of this chapter is to provide LPAs with an understanding of the importance of Title VI and a knowledge of how to create/maintain an implementation program.

Step 12 of the Local-Let Process starts with the Title VI Chapter and related documentation:

FHWA 1273 - Requried Contract Provisions Federal-Aid Construction Contracts
Title VI Requirements for Sub-Recipients

Guidance & Procedures

The following documents are specific for the Local-Let Process:

LPA Construction and Material Specifications Proposal Note 100 (Word) Revised 4/2020
LPA Construction and Material Specifications Proposal Note 100 Color Sections Guide (PDF) Revised 4/2020
Local-let Guidance for LPA DBE Utilization Affirmation Process (PDF) Revised 2/2020
PN13-DBE Utilization Plan Good Faith Efforts (PDF) Revised 3/2019


In an effort to keep up with changing laws and roles across government entities, especially but not exclusively, federal government, Local Programs staff on behalf of ODOT enters into and coordinates agreements that support and supplement the local projects process.

ODOT-Let Agreements

LPA Federal ODOT-Let Project Documents and Procedures (PDF)
LPA Federal ODOT-Let Project Agreement (Word) Revised
ODOT-Let Agreement Participatory (Word) Revised
ODOT-Let Agreement Consent (Word)

Local-Let Agreements

LPA Purchase Agreement Template (PDF) New
Waterway Permitting Guidance for LPAs (PDF)
LPA Federal Local-Let Project Agreement (Word) Revised
LPA Non-Federal Local-Let Project Agreement (aka Non-Fed LPA Agreement) (Word) Updated
LPA State Funds Exchange Project Agreement (aka Federal State Exchange Agreement) (Word) Updated
Public Private Partnership Agreement (Word)
Renewal Addendum (Word)
Metropark Project Agreement (aka State Metroparks Agreement) (Word) Updated
Section 3 Funding Example Agreement (PDF)
DERG LPA Agreement-Public Projects (Word) Revised
DERG LPA Agreement Public-Private Partnership Projects (Word) Revised
DERG Certificate of Destruction (PDF)

Process Templates

Templates are provided for processes that are required as part of the LPA Participation Requirements Review Form. Local Public Agencies may utilize and edit each template to best fit their organizational structure. The highlighted sections shall be updated to reflect the LPA’s name or title of the person responsible. The LPA may modify the template however it deems necessary to suit the structure and needs of the LPA.

Proprietary Product Request Application

The new online application with a request tracking system replaces the Proprietary Waiver Request paper forms.

Proprietary Product Request Application

Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution and Claims Management Process Template 1 (Word)
Dispute Resolution and Claims Management Process Template 2 (Word)


Most form links are found within the corresponding manual pages, but a quick list can be found below:

LPA DBE Trucking Log New Word document download
Proprietary Product Request Application New online application replaces Proprietary Waiver Request paper forms
Local Invoice District Checklist New Form
LPA Contractor's Utilization Plan Form New Online Form
LPA Bid Opening Date Form New Online Form
Buy America Certification Form New Form
Revised Buy America Background and Waiver Request Process (PDF) Updated
Agreement Project Budget (PDF)
Bid Web Template (Word)
Copy of Local Let Invoice (Excel)
Local Let Invoice Guidance (Word)
DBE Payment Form (PDF)
Local-Let Encumbrance Request (Word)
LPA Bid Analysis Checklist (Word)
LPA DBE Quarterly Payments Form (Word)
LPA Request to Sublet Form (Word)
LPA Scope of Services Form (Word) New Form
IOC Form (Word)
PE Federal Authorization Request Form (Word with Macros)
PS&E Checklist (Word)

Bid Preparation Documents

Bid Analysis Considerations (PDF)
DERG Bid Document Template (Word)
Federal Bid Document Template (Word) Updated
Design Build Federal Bid Document Template (Word) New
Item 204 Proof Rolling Alternate Plan Note (Word)
LPA Scope of Services Design Build (Word)
PN 126 2010 CMS Revisions for Design Build Projects (Word) Updated
PN 520 Fuel Price Adjustment (PDF)
PN 525 Steel Price Adjustment (PDF)
PN 530 Asphalt Binder Price Adjustment for Single-Year Projects (PDF)
PN 535 Asphalt Binder Price Adjustment for Multi-Year Projects (PDF)
Sample Equipment Disposition Certification (Word)
State Bid Document Template (Word)

LPA Training

Local governments who participate in ODOT's Local-Let Process are required to take training to ensure they comply with all federal and state laws, regulations and policies. Local Programs staff provide training in the LPA Qualification Process via ODOT's eLearning system administered through LTAP. Training must be taken every five (5) years. Once the training is complete, the LPA may complete the LPA Participation Requirements Review Form. This form will need updated every four (4) years or in the event of a change in key personnel.

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