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eLearning System Instructions

The eLearning courses are housed in a Learning Management System (LMS) called CourseMill. Below are instructions for typical activities within the eLearning System.

Enrolling in Courses

After signing in at the Login page, click on the Course Catalog tab. Then click on the individual Pages of the catalog (1 through 11, etc.) to access the courses, which are listed alphabetically.

Click on the green + sign to enroll; then go to the My Courses tab and click on the Launch Course icon (orange arrow) to start the training.

CourseMill buttons

While most customers have no difficulties enrolling in a course, and then are able to successfully launch the course to proceed with the training, there are occasional situations where a specific eLearning course might fail to launch due to incompatibility issues with the user’s computer or network settings.

View Your Completed Courses

The courses that you’ve Completed can be viewed under the My Courses tab.

CourseMill complete courses screen

Access Your Transcript Form

Your CourseMill Transcript serves as detailed documentation of the eLearning courses you successfully complete. Clicking on the Transcript tab will generate a report of all courses that you have completed (Percent Complete: 100%), and also any courses that were attempted but not completed. The total time actually spent on each course is also listed.

Based on the high volume of online courses that we are currently hosting from a variety of different offices, programs and course developers, please note that we are not able to generate or issue certificates for eLearning courses. Our LTAP office continues to provide certificates to persons who attend our instructor-led (classroom-based) workshops and courses.

Instructions for specific options when generating your transcript:

  1. Access the eLearning site here.
  2. Click the "My Courses" tab at the top of the page.
  3. Click the "Transcript" button at the top right corner.
  4. When the transcript box opens, click "Options" at the bottom.
  5. When the Report Options box opens:
    1. Uncheck "Current Year Only."
    2. Check "Include Inactive Courses."
    3. Click "Run Report."
  6. The new report displayed will then show ALL of the courses a student currently has in progress or has completed. If the list is long, the student can use the scroll bar on the right hand side of the report to scroll down and view the entire list. The student can also use the “Print Report” button at the bottom of the screen to print the entire Transcript report

As a general recommendation, it’s a good idea to periodically save or print a copy of your CourseMill Transcript (training history), especially if you would like to document your recent completion of a course or series of courses. Based on how the CourseMill system is structured and programmed, our LTAP office has found that the necessary process of periodically updating and re-posting course modules to the eLearning system typically results in removal or deletion of all previous completion history data. Therefore, it’s helpful for customers to keep track of their Transcript Form documentation, as we are unable to recover course completion data once it has been removed from the CourseMill system.

Find and Enroll in an eLearning

  1. Access the eLearning site here.
  2. Use the blue "Course Catalog Search" box to search for courses.
  3. When you find a course, press the "Enroll" button. (The green plus sign!)
  4. Click "Yes" to confirm you'd like to enroll.
  5. You should now be enrolled. To confirm, visit the "My Courses" tab at the top of the page.

Retake an eLearning Module

The following guidance is provided because customers are sometimes asked to retake one or more eLearning modules after several years, in accordance with specific program requirements. An example would be the Local Public Agency (LPA) Course series, which requires periodic renewal.

Please note: Once you unenroll for a course, your course completion history for that course will no longer display on your transcript. If you need your history of completing the course, please download a copy of your history before you unenroll and re-enroll in a course.

If you are tasked with retaking an eLearning module in LTAP eLearning, you will need to follow these steps to unenroll and then re-enroll to take the module:

1. Once you have logged into LTAP eLearning, please make sure you have the “My Courses” tab selected; and then,

2. Click on the “Completed” tab below the “My Courses” tab on the screen.

Re-enrolling steps 1

3. Then look for the course you need to retake in the list displayed on the screen. In this example, we are using the “Title VI for Local Public Agencies” course. Once you find the course, look to the right on the screen and click on the grey box to the far right with the “i” in it. Click on that box.

Re-enrolling steps 2

4. Once the course details box opens on your screen, click on the “unenroll” button at the bottom of the course details box.

Re-enrolling steps 3

5. When the Unenroll box displays on your screen, click on the “Yes” button to confirm you want to unenroll.

Re-enrolling steps 4

6. The LTAP eLearning system will then display a box confirming you have been unenrolled from the course. Click “OK” to continue.

Re-enrolling steps 5

7. Then click on the “Course Catalog” tab at the top of the screen.

Re-enrolling steps 6

8. Enter a keyword for your course into the “Title” field; and then,

9. Click on the “Search” button.

Re-enrolling steps 7

10. From the list which is displayed, please click on the “Enroll” button in front (to the left of) the course you want to register for and complete.

Re-enrolling steps 8

11. In the “Enroll” box which appears on your screen, click on “Yes”.

Re-enrolling steps 9

12. In the “Enrolled” box which will display on your screen, please read the instructions for navigating to the “My Courses” tab. Once you click on the “My Course” button, you will be able to launch the course and retake it for credit. (We do not require additional approvals, so you will be able to take the course right away after enrolling.)

Re-enrolling steps 10

Tip #1:
Once you unenroll for a course, your course completion history for that course will no longer display on your transcript. If you need your history of completing the course, please download a copy of your history before you unenroll and re-enroll in a course.

Tip #2:
If the various boxes shown on this step-by-step guide are not appearing on your screen, it may be because you have your pop-up blocker turned on. Please check your pop-up blocker to make sure it is turned off. If you still experience issues, please contact Ohio LTAP.