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Older Drivers Safety
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Older Drivers Safety

A website that collects resources and tools in one place to promote the Stay Fit To Drive campaign for older drivers.

Although older adults are among the safest drivers on Ohio roads, their risk of being injured or killed in a crash increases with age. In addition, gradual changes in vision, physical and mental abilities, and the prevalence of medical conditions and medications can significantly affect their ability to drive.

To prevent these crashes, Ohio has state and local programs and resources that can help older Ohioans adopt strategies to stay safe on the road, as well as find alternatives to driving if they can no longer do so safely.

Helping Older Drivers Stay Fit to Drive

Experts estimate that most older adults will outlive their ability to drive safely by up to 10 years. Learning to evaluate and review driving skills can help older Ohioans stay independent longer while reducing risks to themselves and others and “stay fit to drive.”

ODOT is sharing information about resources and services available to older Ohioans, families and friends, caregivers and others who interact with older drivers through its Stay Fit to Drive program.

The Statewide Effort

Learn more about the statewide effort and watch the Governor's video message. Go to New Resources to Keep Older Drivers Safe on ODOT News.

Older Drivers in Ohio By the Numbers

By 2030, the state will have more than 4.8 million residents who are 65 or older — that’s more than 21% of Ohio’s population, based on U.S. Census data. It is projected that 27% of all drivers in 2030 will be 65 or older.

ODOT's Partners in Older Driver Safety