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FY 2024 ORIL Request for Proposals Available

FY 2024 ORIL Request for Proposals available now!

Request for Proposals
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Ohio's Research Initiative for Locals (ORIL)

Providing real solutions to real transportation problems

What is ORIL?

ORIL is a program designed to provide practice-ready solutions to real-world issues facing Ohio’s local transportation system through research.  It’s a multi-organizational collaborative effort to improve the transportation network in Ohio’s counties, townships, cities and villages.

What Does ORIL Do?

ORIL develops, funds, and oversees transportation research projects to meet the needs of local agencies for the safety and economic well-being of the traveling public and Ohio.



​Michelle Lucas
Statewide Planning & Research
(614) 644-8135

Vicky Fout
Statewide Planning & Research
(614) 466-3029

Mike Fitch, P.E.
Local Programs/Local Technical Assistance Program
(614) 387-7358

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