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Ohio Traffic Incident Management (OTIM)

Committed to maintaining the safe and effective flow of traffic during emergencies as to prevent further damage, injury or undue delay of the motoring public.

Ohio Traffic Incident Management (OTIM) is the state’s traffic incident management program comprised of several agencies, including ODOT, local and state law enforcement agencies, Fire, EMA, and towing and recovery services. These agencies work together to safely and efficiently clear traffic incidents on Ohio highways.

Traffic Incident Management is the process of coordinating resources to detect, respond to, and clear traffic incidents as safely and quickly as possible to reduce the impacts of crashes and congestion.

OTIM is a partnership between each responding agency, namely:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Fire Association
  • Towing & Recovery
  • Transportation


Justin Yoh, OTIM Program Manager & Training Facilitator

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OTIM Training and Information

OTIM Programs and Resources

OSHP  Fire Marshall             APTO       TRAO   ODOT

OTIM Executive Committee

The Ohio TIM Executive Committee is the governing body of the Ohio TIM program. This group consists of one member of each of the 4 primary responding agencies. This group meets quarterly.

Statewide Steering Committee

The Ohio TIM Steering Committee is a larger group that includes multiple support agencies including:

Ohio State Fire Marshals Office
Ohio Environmental Protection Agency
Ohio State Highway Patrol
Towing & Recovery Association of Ohio
Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police
Ohio Fire Academy

Buckeye State Sheriff’s Association
Ohio Turnpike
Ohio Fire Chiefs Association
Ohio Trucking Association
Ohio Department of Transportation
Ohio Association of Broadcasters

Ohio State Coroners Association
AAA Auto Group
Ohio Emergency Medical Services
Ohio Department of Public Safety
Ohio Local Technical Assistance Program