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Sample TIM Meeting Agenda

This sample agenda can be used to guide a Traffic Incident Management (TIM) meeting for construction projects. Download the editable .docx template from the Attachment field on this page.

TIM Meeting Agenda
(Construction Projects)

  • Introduction
  • Overview of the Construction Project
    • Discussion on How Traffic will be Maintained
      • Traffic Patterns, Contra Flow?
    • Identify Potential Traffic Issues
      • Project specific work/phasing concerns? 
      • Responders concerns? 
  • OTIM Program & Training
    • Has everyone been trained through OTIM?
  • Project Specific Traffic Incident Management Plan (TIMP)
    • Incident Detour Plans (Playbook)
    • Identification of sensitive areas to avoid detouring traffic
    • Potential staging areas for responders
    • Emergency ingress/egress sites
    • Notification call out procedure
    • Roster of contact information (including Contractor TIM Contact(s))
  • Distribution of the TIMP and Roster

If Applicable:    

  • Traffic Cameras
  • Towing & Recovery Incentive Program (TRIP)
  • FSP
    • Mind the Queue
  • AAR (After Action Review)