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ODOT's Outreach program creates opportunities for communication and networking, such as the Civil Rights Transportation Symposium.

Spotlight Events

MBE/Diverse Business Opportunity Expo
  MBE/Diverse Business Opportunity Expo  
to take place of ODOT's Civil Rights Transportation Symposium in 2023

ODOT's Division of Opportunity, Diversity, and Inclusion is proud to announce a new event for 2023, the MBE/Diverse Business Opportunity Expo to be held June 21, 2023 at the Ohio Expo Center Kasich Hall in Columbus, Ohio. 

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ODOT / OSHA Virtual Town Hall | July 30, 2020

Topics: OSHA Programs, Current Initiatives, Compliance Assistance, Construction Industry Outreach

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Lynn Stevens, Administrator

General Contact: Outreach@dot.ohio.gov

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