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Public Involvement

Public participation in the decision-making process regarding transportation projects.

The PI process is a collaborative effort between stakeholders, the public, coordinating agencies, transportation officials, and other interested parties. The inclusion of diverse viewpoints ensures the needs and preferences of a community are considered and enables transportation officials to make informed decisions based on multiple viewpoints. All transportation projects require early and continual PI opportunities during project planning and development in accordance with existing laws and regulations. An appropriate level of PI is required to be conducted based on a project’s type and complexity. 

Properly implemented, PI activities that engage and encourge participation will enhance the decision-making process by:

  • Understanding and meeting essential local community transportation goals
  • Designing projects to enhance community cohesion
  • Establishing community-based partnerships
  • Avoiding disproportionately high and adverse impacts
  • Minimizing impacts through early identification

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For questions about public involvement regarding transportation projects and the NEPA/Project Development Process, email: PublicInvolvement@dot.ohio.gov.

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Public Involvement for Projects

The ODOT PI process is designed to go beyond simply meeting legal requirements. From surveys to public meetings, ODOT staff take seriously the job of involving the public in decisions that affect one of our most important assets: Ohio's transportation system.

Additional Public Involvement Initiatives