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These are general frequently asked questions. For clarifications specific to current Request for Proposals, access from the RFP page.

Due to recent inquiries from the Office of Budget Management, all ODOT and ORIL proposals now require contact information for the Payment Location to be included on the RFP cover page. What is the payment location? It is where the check (or EFT) actually goes when an invoice is paid. This is not always the same as the street address for your accounting office. Sometimes, the payment location is in a different state. Talk to the folks in your Accounting/Contracting offices to make sure the correct information is included on your RFP cover page.

This is referring to the individual at your organization who has the authority to sign the contract.  This is the person ODOT’s Research Section will coordinate with for executing the contract if you are awarded the project.  For universities, this is typically someone in their Office of Sponsored Programs/Research Services. 

ROC requirements can be a little different.  Be sure to adhere to special instructions on the RFQ.  If no special instructions are given, use the Research Proposal Formatting & Submission Requirements (be sure to use correct requirements – Research or ORIL).

Due to state contracting laws, all contracts include a period of performance/expiration date. This date coincides with the end of the current fiscal biennium and is not the same as the completion date for the scope of work that is noted in the PIL. The expiration date addresses statutes in the Ohio Revised Code (ORC) that limit state agencies from issuing contracts beyond the approved biennial budget. The ORC allows for the automatic renewal of contracts in the succeeding biennium, provided the Ohio General Assembly approves enough funds in the new biennial budget.

The Research Section monitors the expiration date for all contracts and ensures that agreements are renewed in accordance with the ORC and other contractual requirements. If the Ohio General Assembly does not appropriate enough funds or funds are not made available under ORC Section 126.07, the expiration date of the contract will become effective. At this time, the contract is terminated without further obligation or liability to ODOT. The Research Section will immediately contact the research agency and PI to inform them of the contract termination. Unless contacted by the Research Section, PIs are expected to continue to conduct work in accordance with the executed contract once a contract expiration date has passed.

Yes. An ODOT budget form must be submitted for all subcontractors as well as the prime.  These can be included in the Word document of the proposal as appendices, while the Prime Contractor will upload their Excel budget form on the Formstack when submitting a proposal.

Please refer to the RFP and read it thoroughly.  It will state whether or not the work will need to be comprehensive after the interim report.

Yes. However, it is required that submissions from non-Ohio based agencies include an Ohio-based subcontractor or partner having at least 20% of the total project cost or labor.

We do not indicate cost in the RFP, because we want researchers to develop a thorough, reasonable work plan without being restrained by cost. Once you develop your proposal, you should have a good idea of the budget based on your work plan, methodologies, testing, etc. There is not a set amount of funding for this project.​

Visit the Request for Proposals page for current submission deadline details.

We do have restrictions on non-US based firms and/or staff of a subconsultant partner. There is a state executive order, 2019-12D, that says services provided outside of the US are no permissible using public funds.

Yes, however it is up to the department whether or not that will be provided.




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