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Welcome to ODOT Research

ODOT’s Research Program provides decision-makers with the information and tools they require to ensure Ohio’s transportation system meets the evolving needs of our residents and the traveling public.  The program works to anticipate and address transportation concerns before they become critical problems.  Part of the Division of Planning, the Research Section provides innovative solutions and technical resources to Ohio’s transportation professionals through a competitive, contract-based research program.

The Research Section oversees the Statewide Planning and Research (SP&R) Part B program for ODOT. Providing administrative oversight, the Research Section uses four core programs to meet Ohio’s transportation research needs:

Annual Request for Proposals - ODOT staff are given the opportunity to submit research ideas to be considered for development into RFPs. These ideas are prioritized, developed into RPFs and posted as an annual solicitation to the transportation research community. Proposals are accepted from both public and private academic institutions as well as the private sector and non-Ohio based organizations. 

Ohio's Research Initiative for Locals (ORIL) - ORIL is a program designed to provide practice-ready solutions to real-world issues facing Ohio’s local transportation system through research. It’s a multi-organizational collaborative effort to improve the transportation network in Ohio’s counties, townships, cities and villages. ORIL develops, funds and oversees transportation research projects to meet the needs of local agencies for the safety and economic well-being of the traveling public and Ohio. ODOT’s Research Section acts as the contracting agent and provides funding and project management support for the program.

Research-on-Call (ROC) - The ROC is designed to provide ODOT with direct, quick access to researchers in specific areas of expertise to conduct short-term, focused research tasks that are of urgent need. ROCs expedite the contracting and authorization process for research activities that do not warrant the level of full-scale, individual annual RFP projects. ROC contracts are limited to three years and are competitively bid through a Request for Qualifications which is typically posted during an annual RFP solicitation.

National Research Activities - The Research Section coordinates national research activities for ODOT. This includes participation in the Transportation Research Board, the National Cooperative Highway Research Program and the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials. In addition, the Research Section coordinates the ODOT’s involvement in transportation pooled fund projects.



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