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Student Transportation Advancement Research

Request for Proposals (currently closed)

STAR is ODOT’s new open challenge, grant-style program meant to engage college students to address transportation topics in an innovative manner. STAR will challenge students (and ODOT) to think outside-the-box in order to identify novel approaches to solve issues, create new value by applying new processes or techniques to established topics, or simply to test out new ideas. 

The STAR program places emphasis on students.  Research teams are to be composed of students (undergrad, graduate, or combination). An Academic Advisor serves as Principal Investigator providing oversight, guidance and technical direction to student teams. Students are expected to drive the project and actively participate in all aspects (including meetings and presentations). STAR is open to colleges and universities based in Ohio.

STAR topics are created by ODOT staff. Only proposals on the topics listed below will be considered.  Duration and funding amount for each project is specified on the RFP.  When proposals are received, ODOT technical offices may select more than one proposal for each topic (at their discretion) or opt not to select any of the proposals. There is no limitation on the number of proposals a university or Principal Investigator can submit on the STAR topics.