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MPO/RTPO Title VI Manual

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Marietta, Ohio's first pioneer town settled along the first American super highway, the Ohio River

All direct recipients and sub-recipients of federal transportation funds must have policies in place to
demonstrate their compliance with federal non-discrimination regulations. To meet these requirements,
the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) requires all recipients of federal planning funds to adopt
a Title VI program plan. ODOT encourages MPOs/RTPOs to monitor, review and update these plans and
policies on a continuous basis.

This manual is intended to serve as a reference to MPOs, RTPOs and other applicable institutions on
how to incorporate Title VI requirements into their transportation planning process. In addition to
detailing the federal and state requirements, it provides a general template on how to structure a
compliant Title VI program plan.

Please note that although this document lays out the essentials of a compliant Title VI program plan, it is
important to understand that an atmosphere of non-discrimination and environmental justice should
pervade in every action and policy your agency engages in. Adherence to the resources discussed in this
manual will ensure that all aspects of your agency’s daily operations are Title VI compliant.