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Ohio RTIP Template

The purpose of the Ohio Regional Transportation Improvement Program (RTIP) Template is to serve as a reference for Ohio’s Regional Transportation Planning Organizations (RTPOs) in the development of their biennial RTIPs. This document can be used in two primary ways:

  1. As an ODOT-approved, fill-in-the-blanks template
    An RTPO may simply take this document, fill in its region-specific text, data and graphical elements, and although it will still require ODOT approval, the end result will be an RTIP that meets all state and federal planning requirements. This option would appeal to RTPOs who want a guaranteed way of meeting all RTIP requirements and who do not wish to add additional regional information or customization.
  2. As a guide to meet the minimum state/federal requirements
    For RTPOs that do prefer highly customized and/or stylized RTIP documents, this template can simply serve as a guide to ensure that all of the minimum state and federal RTIP requirements are met. The RTPOs are free to rearrange the order of the sections contained within this document.

As indicated above, the RTPOs are free to change the order of the sections within this document to meet their own needs. Additionally, it is up to the RTPO as to whether certain items should be included in the body of the RTIP document, or if they would be better suited for inclusion in the appendices.

Color coding is used throughout this template to indicate the following:

Yellow Highlighting: Indicates sections where the RTPO may insert text/data. This text/data would often consist of the RTPO’s agency-specific, latest-available information.

Blue Highlighting: Guidance, suggestions or best practice information for the RTPO’s consideration. This text should be deleted from the final version of the document.

Download the editable template from the Attachment field on this page.