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Freeway Safety Patrol

Freeway Safety Patrol

The Ohio Department of Transportation offers Freeway Safety Patrol as a good samaritan program to assist stranded motorists on Ohio’s interstates. The purpose of the program is to help keep Ohio interstates safe, provide traffic control and medical assistance at crash sites, and offer limited roadside assistance if needed. Since the program began in 2001, the patrol has come to the aid of thousands of motorists.

In 2014, ODOT announced that State Farm® will be the exclusive title sponsor of the State Farm Safety Patrol. The collaborative sponsorship is designed to create a long-term, supplemental funding source for the program. Click here to learn more about the State Farm sponsorship of the patrol.

The State Farm Safety Patrol covers interstates, assists motorists, and keeps highways safe by performing the following services: 

  • Changing flat tires
  • Fixing minor mechanical problems
  • Removing debris from the road at the scene of an accident
  • Providing minimal amounts of fuel
  • Providing emergency medical assistance

Have you received assistance? Share your story by clicking here.​

Service areas

Akron  |  Cincinnati  |  Cleveland  |  Columbus  |  Dayton  |  Toledo