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Towing & Recovery Incentive Payment (TRIP)

The Towing & Recovery Incentive Payment (TRIP) Program pays pre-qualified heavy-duty towing and recovery companies incentives for the quick clearance of large commercial vehicle incidents on selected, high-importance Ohio roadways. As of July 2015, the TRIP program covers approximately 1,000 miles of interstate, state, and federal routes across every region of Ohio. TRIP logo

Eligibility Criteria

A TRIP event must have the potential to impact rush hour traffic, a holiday travel period, or other high traffic volume time on a designated TRIP route. The incident must involve a DOT Class 5, 6, 7 or 8 vehicle that blocks one or more travelled lanes. Qualifying events include jack-knife, roll-over, load shift, major impact and truck fire. Haz-mat incidents are not covered by TRIP.

Only the Ohio Department of Transportation's Statewide Traffic Management Center (TMC) can declare an incident a TRIP event. The decision will not always be clear-cut. See the attached table for guidelines on TRIP eligibility.

TRIP Zones

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