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Transit Asset Management (TAM)

Transit Asset Management (TAM)


TAM refers to the strategic and systemic practice of procuring, operating, inspecting, maintaining, rehabilitating, and replacing transit capital asset to manage their performance, risks and costs over their life cycles , for the purpose of providing safe, cost-effective, and reliable transportation. The purpose of TAM is to improve asset management practices in order to maintain a State of Good Repair.

As a group TAM Plan Sponsor, it is ODOT's requirement to develop a group TAM for its Tier II provider subrecipients. These agencies include all recipients of 5311 funds and open-door providers of 5310 funds. The Group Plan will include an inventory of capital assets, a condition assessment of inventoried assets, a decision support tool, and a prioritization of investments.

TAM Documents

ODOT TAM Program Standard 9-14-18

ODOT Performance Targets and Measures 9-6-2018

ODOT TAM Certification Form

TAM STIP/TIP​ Presentation 8-6-2018

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FTA TAM Guide for Small Providers