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Elderly & Disabled (E&D) Transit Fare Assistance Program

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Program Goal and Description

This program provides grant funds to reimburse eligible public transportation systems who offer reduced fares to the elderly and people with disabilities. These funds offset the farebox loss incurred by each eligible transportation system as a result of offering this reduced fare.

As authorized under Section 5501.07(B) of the Ohio Revised Code, funding for each public transportation system is allocated by multiplying the actual number of elderly and disabled passengers by the amount of the fare reduction up to a maximum of one-half (1/2) the full fare. Rural and small urban transit system reimbursements are calculated first. If funds are available this amount is subtracted from the total available funds to determine funds available for large urban transit systems.

Large urban transit system reimbursements, except the four with the highest reimbursement amounts, are then calculated. This amount is subtracted from remaining funds to determine funds available for the four remaining transit systems.

If the remaining funds are not adequate to fully fund the four remaining transit systems, reimbursements will be proportionately reduced to stay within available funds. Reduced reimbursement amounts are calculated based on each system’s percentage of the total reimbursement for the four systems.;

Who Is Eligible?

Eligible public transit systems must 1) receive an allocation from ODOT’s Rural Transit Program or Urban Transit Program, and 2) provide a reduced fare to the elderly and people with disabilities

Application Process

Applications are completed through a two-part process.

This is a reimbursement program, no application is required. ODOT will transmit a contract to the eligible public transit system for execution each year. ODOT will process payment of the full reimbursement amount upon receipt of the executed contract and an authorizing resolution.