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Mobility Management

Program Purpose

Mobility Management Projects are capital projects that increase access to mobility for Ohioans by increasing understanding and awareness of transportation needs, promote coordination of transportation options to meet needs, and build sustainable and healthy communities by integrating transportation into planning and programs.

Program Goals

  • Increase understanding and awareness of community transportation needs
  • Increase awareness of current community transportation options and programs
  • Ensure that transportation considerations are included in local and regional planning activities
  • Increase local capacity for transportation services
  • Assist individuals with accessing all community transportation options

Funding Source

Mobility management activities are eligible for funding through the Elderly Individuals with Individuals with Disabilities (Section 5310) Program and the Rural Transit Program (Section 5311).

Eligible Applicants

All Ohio Mobility Management Projects are funded by the Specialized Transportation (Section 5310) Program or the Rural Transit Program (Section 5311).  All sub recipients must be 5310 & 5311 eligible entities. Eligible entities include Private Non-Profit Organizations and State or Local Government authorities that are approved by state to coordinate services for older adults and individuals with disabilities and certifies that there are no nonprofit organizations readily available in the area to provide the services.

Application Process

Applications are submitted annually and are scored by ODOT – Office of Transit. Final Project Selection will be made by the Program Coordinator and the Public Transit Manager. ODOT awards projects based on application score. 

Program Details

All projects must be derived from a coordinated transportation plan and be competitively selected.