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Rural Transit Program

Rural road near Charm, Ohio

Program Goal and Description

As authorized by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), 49 USC Section 5311, federal and state funds are used to assist with operating and capital expenses in the provision of general public transportation services in rural and small urban areas.  Section 5311 funds can be used for up to 50% of the net project cost of operating expenses and up to 80% of the cost of capital projects.  State General Revenue funds, through the Ohio Public Transportation Grant Program, are also available to provide up to 30% of eligible operating costs and up to 10% of the costs of capital projects.

Who Can Apply?

Counties, Municipalities, Villages, Regional Transit Authorities, County Transit Boards, Private Nonprofit Corporations designated by a county or municipality and a County or Municipal department on behalf of a county, municipality or village.  

Proposal Process

Existing grantees submit an annual proposal to request Federal and State operating funds, which are based on the transit systems needs which are evaluated in relation to state performance standards for Percent of General Public Ridership, Passenger Trips per hour, Cost Per Vehicle Mile and Cost Per Passenger Trip.  Capital funds are discretionary and are approved based on a system's Four-Year Capital and Operating Plan.  Proposals on behalf of new systems are accepted on a funding availability basis.  Proposals are due each September for the following calendar year.  A combined proposal can be submitted for capital and operating assistance. 


Download 2023 Rural Transit Program Awards