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Ohio Rural Zero Emission Pilot (ORZEP) Project
Electric charging station

Due – July 8th, 2022, 11:59 p.m.

Summary: ODOT Office of Transit is accepting proposals for a project manager to develop a Battery Electric
Vehicle Service Implementation Plan for the second phase of the Ohio Rural Zero Emission Pilot (ORZEP)
project to purchase electric battery vehicles, develop operational planning, and construct electric charging
infrastructure for the Chillicothe Transit System and Perry County Transit.

Background: In 2021, ODOT awarded Federal Transit Administration Section 5311 funds to implement the
ORZEP project. ODOT had an analysis done to evaluate which technology was better suited for the rural
transit agencies: battery electric technology or hydrogen fuel cell technology. After the analysis was
received from the consultant and discussions among ODOT staff, it was concluded that battery electric
technology was the recommendation for implementation.

Chillicothe Transit System

The Chillicothe Transit System (CTS) service area operates both within city limits and throughout
surrounding areas across Ross County. CTS operates three fixed routes, paratransit services, three county
on-demand routes and contract services. All routes begin and end at the CTS hub located at 575 E.
7th St. CTS recently participated in a Bloomberg Harvard Innovation Track to investigate and identify
improvements to the public transit service within the city. The innovation track determined a dual fixedroute/
on-demand public transportation system would be the most appropriate service for the area. The
addition of a trolley was also identified as a popular and attractive service option.
As a further enhancement to service CTS plans to integrate ZEVs into the fleet. The ZEVs will operate within
the city limits on fixed route service and will replace gasoline and/or diesel fuel vehicles.

Perry County Transit

Perry County Transit (PCT) is in the Village of New Lexington and provides demand response curb to curb
transportation service to all of Perry County and within a 100-mile radius of Perry County. Perry County
does not have the high-density population or infrastructure needed to support efficient and frequent fixed
route transit service; however, the demand response service is a highly used service in the community.
In January 2022, PCT implemented a route that circulates regularly between New Lexington and Somerset.
Perry County Transit has plans to add additional routes later in 2022 to expand the circuit routes to
Thornville, Thornport, and Corning. PCT plans to use the ZEVs on the routes developed in 2022.


Project management responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • A Battery Electric Vehicle Service Implementation Plan for Chillicothe Transit System and Perry County Transit that includes:

    • Guidance to both CTS and PCT for electric vehicle purchasing and electric infrastructure opportunities

    • Knowledge of federal regulations and compliance for transit vehicles and infrastructure

    • Reporting project milestones to ODOT

    • Regular communication to ODOT, CTS, and PCT of ORZEP implementation progress

    • Identification of successes and barriers that outlines the effectiveness of the battery electric technology.

    • Identification of process improvements, including modifications to CTS and PCT processes to ensure system improvements and efficiencies.

    • Implementation strategies that highlight best practices for BEV maintenance and identify best practices of the BEV elsewhere in the county.

    • Technical knowledge and assistance support for implementing recommendations from the report. ODOT is looking for a base rate of time and material for the consultant to support the agency in implementing battery electric technology.


Based on ODOT’s independent cost estimate and current budget, the project should not exceed $45,000.

Proposal: ODOT is seeking a maximum of up to five (5) pages, not including resumes, demonstrating the tasks, approach, and cost by each consultant. Additionally, ODOT requests resumes in the proposal for key staff to be used in the project. The proposal needs to address:

  • Project implementation approach

  • Proposed tasks and schedule.

  • Cost estimate for each task.


ODOT will evaluate the proposals on the following criteria:

  • 40% - Key staff resumes and their experience and knowledge of battery electric technology

  • 40% - Reasonable timeframe and project approach

  • 20% - Cost estimate (time and materials)

Please send all proposal documents to jessie.schmitzer@dot.ohio.gov by 11:59 p.m. on Friday, July 8th, 2022.