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Transit Training & Technical Assistance

Welcome to Transit Training & Technical Assistance

The ODOT Office of Transit prides itself on the level and quality of technical service provided to its customers. Technical assistance comes in many forms. ODOT and other transit staff work one on one as mentors to assist with applications and invoices, provide training and workshops, and fund feasibility studies and analyses. In consultation with Ohio’s subrecipient transit agencies, the ODOT Office of Transit commits Ohio's share of Rural Transit Assistance Program (RTAP) funding to technical assistance projects and training provided under the umbrella Ohio Technical Assistance Program (OTAP). Scholarships are also awarded to subrecipient transit agencies to attend state and national meetings and conferences. Please see the categories below for information on requesting and receiving training and technical assistance from ODOT Office of Transit.

Transit Training Opportunities

ODOT values the importance of proper, comprehensive training and funds OTAP to provide this vital transit training. OTAP delivers these transit training courses through a collaboration between ODOT and a third-party contractor that provides low-cost or no-cost training to Ohio's transit professionals.

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Or, go directly to the Transit Training Calendar for dates and specific training information.

Transit Academy

A comprenhenise program of transit manager training for ODOT rural and small urban subrecipients that addresses both new and experienced transit managers.

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Technical Assistance

In addition to RTAP funds and other State and Federal administrative funds received from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), ODOT funds OTAP to provide technical assistance to ODOT’s rural and specialized subrecipient transit agencies with the goal of improving the delivery of transit services. Transit subrecipients may request this funding through an application process.

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Transit supports the professional development and education of its transit subrecipients through a scholarship program.

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Transit Training Related Resources

Transit provides a list of links to related resources that supplement Transit Training.

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