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Transit Technical Assistance

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In addition to funding several programs for operating and capital assistance, the FTA also provides funding for technical assistance to ODOT’s subrecipient transit agencies through Transit's Ohio Technical Assistance Program (OTAP). This technical assistance can be utilized by subrecipients in various ways such as program development, financial management, or content expertise for a project to name a few.

Who Can Apply

Any ODOT Office of Transit subrecipient may request Transit's OTAP, including 5311 and 5310 subrecipients. Applications are evaluated on appropriateness and availability of funding.

Please download the Technical Assistance Request Form in the gray box to request assistance from subject matter experts on ODOT Transit's staff.

Application Process

Applicants for OTAP assistance must complete the form in the application link below which is then sent to the Office of Transit OTAP Coordinator. A contact person’s name, phone number and email address must be included. Applications may be submitted anytime throughout the year. ODOT’s review of the application may include correspondence between the applicant and the OTAP Coordinator to ensure a clear understanding of the project. After review and approval, the applicant will be notified of the results via e-mail.

Program Deadlines/Due Dates

Requests may be submitted throughout the program year, July 1 through June 30. A list of potential tasks and budgets for each year are typically developed in April.


ODOT receives an annual allocation of Rural Transit Assistance Program (RTAP) funding. In addition, ODOT uses other State and Federal administrative funds to support the program and to open the assistance to all ODOT subrecipients. In some cases, local match may be required for OTAP assistance.