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TSMO Timeline in Ohio

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  • ODOT Awarded SHRP2 Grant
  • ODOT Performs CMM Workshop
  • Nine State benchmarking tour States Map with TSMO benchmarking
  • Recommendations from tour

    -Reliable funding source

    -Staffing analysis

    -Dedicated ATMS IT Support

    -Dedicated ITS Network Support

    -Qualifications / Training

    -Performance measurements

    -Optimize balance congestion

    -Traffic signal optimization

    -Incident Management

    -Planning for Operations

    -Long Range TSMO Plan

  • Gannett Fleming was hired to develop ODOT's TSMO Program Plan
  • Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)
    Steering Committee

    Oversee development of the TSMO Plan
  • G.F. performs ODOT staff interviews.
  • G.F. and ODOT perform an updated CMM and SWOT Analysis.
  • 1st Workshop 1st Workshop
  • 2nd Workshop 2nd workshop photo
  • Draft TSMO Plan submitted to ODOT.


    -People, funding, organizational structure

    -Early Action Implementation Plan

  • Recommended Actions

    -Develop TOAST

    -Pursue interim TMC upgrades - including staffing

    -Include TSMO in PIP and PDP

    -Outreach plan

    -TSMO Council

    -TSMO Organizational Structure

    -TSMO Coordinator

  • Recommended Actions

    -4 year TSMO Program Plan with funding

    -TSMO job descriptions, classifications, career paths

    -TSMO Policies, Procedures, Guidance Documents

    -Long Range Transportation Planning

    -Develop TSMO business case with Ohio data

  • 3rd Workshop 3rd workshop photo
  • Steering Committee → TSMO Council
  • ODOT Division of Operations Reorganizes
  • TMC Job Classifications
  • External Partner Outreach



  • Variable Speed Limit Pilot
  • PIP/PDP Conversations Start
  • Final TSMO Plan adopted
  • SPR Applications to support TSMO
  • Governor Kasich launches DriveOhio
  • TOAST Development
  • ODOT Annual Action Plan
  • PIP/PDP Updated for TSMO
  • Dedicated Staff: TSMO Coordinators Kickoff Meeting
  • TIM in Work Zones plan note
  • TSMO Communications Toolkit
  • TSMO Data Warehouse built
  • Upgraded our Freeway Safety Patrol fleet with a tow truck in all urban areas
  • TOAST priority routes released
  • Updated TMC operator and ITS maintenance position descriptions
  • District TSMO Studies
  • Mind the Queue partnership with Highway Patrol
  • NOACA TSMO Workshop: Incident Traffic Management for Arterials
  • New Statewide Traffic Management Center
  • TAM / TSMO Workshop
  • Dedicated TSMO Funding
  • Released the OHGO API
  • First Funded TSMO Project
  • IR-670 SmartLANE: Ohio's first hard shoulder running & ATDM corridor.
  • ODOT's TSMO Dashboard released to showcase various TSMO related performance measures.
  • TSMO Communication one-pagers released. Case studies of project level before and after analysis.
  • TSMO Studies guidebook and benefit / cost tool released to support TSMO / TOAST studies.
  • ODOT launches a new statewide ATMS, OHGO inSIGHT.
  • First edition of the OTIM Dispatch quarterly newsletter.
  • TRIP for work zones pilot expanded to critical work zones across the state.
  • Freeway Safety Patrol Locations shared to Waze.
  • Regional OTIM responders meetings with opening remarks from Governor Dewine.
  • View the ODOT TSMO Plan or ODOT TSMO Page
    I-275 SmartLANE coming soon.
    Work Zone Database in development
  • Stranded Motorists partnership with EMA and OTIC using Wireless Emergency Alerts
    Pilot project with DriveWyze to share safety critical messages to truck drivers in-cab.
    TSMO Plan 2.0 development