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Waterway Permits
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Transportation projects that impact rivers, streams and/or wetlands require a permit or combination of permits. The permits are required in accordance with state and federal laws and regulations.

Waterway Permits Unit Staff Responsibilities

The Waterway Permits Unit (WPU) reviews transportation projects during their development to identify the type(s) of waterway permits they require. District Offices and project designers are advised of the permitting requirements for each project. The permit applications are then prepared by the WPU, District Offices and/or their consultants. The completed applications are forwarded to the WPU for review and coordination.

The WPU serves as the single point of contact for coordinating all projects on the State and Federal Highway System with the Corps of Engineers, Ohio EPA and U.S. Coast Guard. Timely submission of applications is often crucial to meet project schedules.

A compensatory mitigation plan for unavoidable impacts to aquatic resources is often a required component of a permit application. The WPU is responsible for evaluating possible mitigation opportunities and ensuring that an acceptable mitigation plan accompanies the waterway permit applications. The WPU works with districts and consultants to deliver a mitigation plan that satisfies 404 and 401 requirements, which can involve purchasing mitigation bank credits, in-lieu fee program credits, or a permitee-responsible approach.

Consider Training

Everyone involved in the transportation project development process should consider Waterway Permit Training. And for consultants and ODOT employees involved in the waterway permit process, training is a pre-qualification requirement.

Focusing on the Waterway Permits process, OES staff walk class attendees through the intricacies of waterway regulations, permit application development, coordination requirements and consultant prequalification.

Topics include relevant environmental laws, the application process, timelines, and the roles of the regulatory agencies in the process.

This course is one of the prequalification requirements identified by ODOT’s Office of Environmental Services with regard to waterway permit preparation. To view the prequalification requirements, go to the Prequalification Requirements page.

Waterway Permitting Training is coordindated through the Office of Environmental Services. Go to the OES Training page.

Consult the Manual

The Waterway Permits Manual provides a framework for consultants, ODOT staff and others working on waterway permit issues while providing guidelines for preparing waterway permit applications in a consistent manner.

Go to Waterway Permits Manual

Initiate the Permit Process

For almost every transportation project, a Permit Determination Request (PDR) form needs to be filled out. The PDR initiates the permit process which also includes mitigation.

Please download and read the following instructions carefully before filling out the Waterway Permits Determination Request Form:

Download the Waterway Permits Determination Request Form (MS Word)
(right click and use "Save Link As" to access this file if using Chrome)