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ODOT is set to invest nearly $2 billion into improving roads and bridges in Ohio. This includes work on more than 7,600 miles of pavement and 661 bridges. 95 cents of every dollar invested goes to preserving our existing roads and bridges to ensure they’re in good shape to keep Ohio’s economy moving.

Since the beginning of the DeWine Administration, we’ve invested nearly $6 billion into more than 2,800 projects. This includes around $450 million for safety projects like Safe Routes to School, nearly 400 pedestrian safety projects in Ohio’s 8 largest cities where these types of crashes are far too common, and dozens of intersections with a history of serious or deadly crashes.

There are 222 projects with a safety focus this year. While many of these benefit motorists, many are also focused on making it safer to walk and bike in our state. We’re also working with local government partners to address safety concerns on their roadways.

Learn more about this year's construction plans in our regional construction guides below. Guides include a complete list of 2022 construction projects in each county, anticipated traffic impacts, estimated start and end dates, and estimated construction costs. 


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Construction guides are produced by our 12 district offices. Click on the district that serves your area for your local construction guide.