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I-75/CR 99 interchange improvements

Project Status

  1. Proposed

  2. In Development

  3. Pre-construction

  4. Construction

  5. Completion

ODOT District 1 is working in coordination with the city of Findlay and Hancock County to develop plans to reconstruct the Interstate 75 and County Road 99 (I-75/CR 99) interchange to better accommodate existing and future traffic. The project will also include upgrading along County Road 99 from just west of Technology Drive to just east of N. Main Street. Together, these improvements will reduce congestion, reduce the risk of crashes, and make travel in the area easier and safer.

Project description

Reconstruct the interchange of Interstate 75 at County Road 99 from the existing diamond interchange to a diverging diamond interchange (DDI).  The project includes:

  • Construction of a new bridge next to and south of the existing bridge
  • Reconfiguring the existing bridge
  • Reconstruction or widening of the existing ramps and widening of County Road 99 from Technology Drive to Main Street
  • Storm sewer upgrades from Main Street to the outfall at Howard Run
  • Drainage and erosion control
  • Traffic signals, traffic control and lighting
  • Construction of sidewalks and shared-use path 

Project progression

Oct. 2022: Right of way plans are complete and the right-of-way acquisition process is currently underway.  For questions regarding Right-of-Way Acquisition, see the Right-of-Way Aquisition drop-down menu below.

Sep. 2021:  The Transportation Review Advisory Council (TRAC) gave final approval to the annual list of projects to receive funding from the Ohio Department of Transportation's Major New Capacity Program over the next four years. The list includes more than $292 million in new funding commitments including $4 million to allow right-of-way acquisition and utility work to begin along CR 99. Construction could begin in late 2024 or 2025.

Jan. 2021:  ODOT, the city of Findlay, and the Hancock County Engineer's Office, announced the decision to proceed with the detailed design of a diverging diamond interchange at this location. Construction funds are not yet secured for the project. Preparing the design will help the project move forward more quickly once the funds are available. In the immediate future, crews will perform soil borings to begin the detailed design of the new interchange.  Click the links to read the news release or the completed feasibility study.

Sep. 2020: The formal commenting period closed. However, ODOT will continue to respond to questions and comments via this webpage, mail, email or phone.

Aug. 2020: A virtual public meeting held to discuss the project and proposed improvement alternatives with the local community. Links to a recording of the meeting and meeting materials are provided in the Public Meeting Materials section of this page. 

Project Documents

The approved environmental document, public engagement plan, project flyer and FAQ sheet are available in the Project Documents

Right-of-Way Acquisition

The land needed for the proposed improvement will be acquired in the name of the State of Ohio along Interstate 75 and within the area of the diverging diamond interchange (DDI).  Property along County Road 99 outside of the city limits will be acquired in the name the Hancock County Board of Commissioners and within the city limits in the name of the City of Findlay. 

Acquistion Schedule:

  • Title reports will be completed in mid -November 2022.
  • Appraisals will be completed early January 2023 by Martin+Wood Appraisal Group, Ltd., Toldeo, and independently reviewed by O.R. Colan, Real Estate Solutions for Infrastructure.
  • Property owners will be contacted by mid-January 2023 by West Erie Realty Solutions, Ltd., Toledo to begin the acquisition.

When ODOT Needs Your Property: If you own property near the improvement, you may be interested in the working procedures of ODOT and how you, as a citizen, may be affected by the highway project. This brochure explains why your property may be needed, explains the protections you have as a property owner and provides answers to some frequently asked questions.

Public Meeting Materials: Aug. 13, 2020



Public Meeting Recording



About the Project

Project Status: In development

Feasibility Study: 2020

Design:  2020-2021

Right-of-Way Acquisition: 2022 (pending funding)

Construction:  2023-2024 (pending funding)

Project Area

The project area is located along the northern-most limits of the city of Findlay. The area west of the interchange is rural in nature, with relatively new residential housing located to the southwest. Commercial development (car dealerships, a hotel, businesses, etc.) predominates the area east of I-75 between the highway and N. Main Street, with several neighborhoods and the city of Findlay’s Recreation Department and ball fields located therein.

Reason for the Project

Currently, drivers traveling on CR 99 between N. Main Street and Technology Drive experience travel delays and a higher than average number of crashes. 

  • New development is leading to increased congestion through this corridor, especially on the exit ramps, which increases the risk for crashes. 
  • Between 2016 and 2018, the intersections of the interchange at CR 99 and I-75 had 69 crashes (20 with injuries; 49 with property damage only).
  • Currently, there are no turn lanes on CR 99 which leads to back-ups and increases the risk for crashes.
  • Provide pedestrian connectivity between parks and businesses on the east side of I-75 to proposed development on the west side of I-75.

Project Scope

As part of its planning efforts for the interchange project, ODOT is conducting a feasibility study to evaluate proposed improvement alternatives and to identify a preferred alternative that addresses current safety and congestion problems and future traffic growth needs. Tasks to be completed include performing multiple technical studies (field surveys; traffic count updates; turning movement counts at intersections; capacity analyses; safety analysis and traffic modeling) and utility coordination. The study will also calculate estimated costs for proposed alternatives and will identify the potential environmental and property impacts of each.   

Project Alternatives

A preliminary project study completed in 2017 proposed four project alternatives. Each alternative will be studied in more detail as part of the feasibility study and one will be selected as the preferred alternative for construction. The alternatives include:

1.  Widen the existing CR 99 bridge

•    Add two, left-turn lanes and one, right-turn lane on the I-75 southbound exit ramp
•    Add two, left-turn lanes and two, right-turn lanes on the I-75 northbound exit ramp
•    Accommodations would be provided for pedestrians on the bridge

2.  Add an additional bridge next to the existing CR 99 bridge 

•    Add two, left-turn lanes and one, right-turn lane on the I-75 southbound exit ramp
•    Add two, left-turn lanes and two, right-turn lanes on the I-75 northbound exit ramp
•    Accommodations would be provided for pedestrians on the bridge

3.  Construct a Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI) with pedestrian access

•    Existing bridge would remain; a second bridge would be added immediately south of the existing structure
•    Accommodations would be provided for pedestrians on the bridge

4.  Construct a Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI) without pedestrian access

•    Existing bridge would remain; a second bridge would be added immediately south of the existing structure
•    A separate pedestrian bridge over I-75 would be constructed approximately .3 miles south of the interchange, near Miracle Park (City of Findlay Recreation Dept).

Videos - Learn More About Diverging Diamond Interchanges

A Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI) is a proposed alternative for the I-75/CR 99 interchange improvement project. Learn more about DDIs in the video below.



Project Partners

  • Hancock County
  • City of Findlay
  • Findlay-Hancock County Economic Development
  • Ohio Department of Transportation

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All comments received, regardless of when or how they are submitted, will be reviewed and considered and/or responded to by the ODOT project team. Comments received through this forum will, when appropriate, be publicly posted along with ODOT’s response; Such comments will be moderated to remove personal information prior to posting.

Please let us know if you have questions, and thank you for your interest and input on the project! 

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