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U.S. 35 Superstreet

Intersection Improvement (Safety)

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About Superstreets

​​A superstreet is a non-traditional, signalized intersection that can provide more capacity than a traditional intersection. Traffic movements in superstreet intersections prohibit side-street (minor cross street) traffic to turn left or go straight through the mainline intersection, much like a Restricted Crossing U-Turn (RCUT). Instead, motorists will turn right and do a legal U-turn at a nearby one-way, signalized median crossover to follow their desired path.

By allowing for a more efficient movement of traffic, superstreets reduce congestion, cut down on delays and limit collision opportunities. Typically, a superstreet intersection reduces the total conflict points from 32 to only 14 or 8, depending upon the precise design or style, and these potential conflicts are most often lower in severity than those at a traditional intersection.


About the Project

In an effort to improve congestion and safety at the intersections of U.S. 35 at township Road 48 (Factory Road) and at township Road 1217 (Orchard Lane), ODOT will construct two new innovative intersections called superstreets.

Previous studies of the U.S. 35 corridor in Greene County recommended eliminating the at-grade intersections and constructing interchanges to convert the four-lane route to a limited access facility in order to improve traffic safety, efficiency and flow. However, funding constraints have dictated the department consider lower-cost options to move a project forward that will improve safety while meeting current and future traffic demands. 

As a result, ODOT developed the U.S. 35 Superstreet project to eliminate the at-grade crossings at the Factory Road and Orchard Lane intersections. Local funding has been made available for this project, and partners have included the Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission, Beavercreek Township, Greene County Engineer, city of Beavercreek and Federal Highway Administration.

Construction on the $14.9 million project is under way, and although the interim completion (open to traffic) will be in the fall of 2021, all work is expected to be completed in late Spring 2022.


Current Construction

At the close of the second, full season of construction, the U.S. 35 Superstreet is in its final configuration and the RCUT is open to traffic. With this, the left turns, as well as thru-intersection movements, from Factory Road and Orchard Lane onto U.S. 35 have been discontinued, and the following traffic patterns are in effect:

  • Motorists on Factory Road or Orchard Lane are now required to turn right onto U.S. 35 from either of the dual right-turn lanes, using the inside (left-hand) right-turn lane to navigate to a signalized loon - a semi-circle turnaround - where they can make a U-turn and proceed on U.S. 35 in the opposite direction or return to either of the side streets.

  • Motorists on Factory Road or Orchard Lane should use the outside (right-hand) right-turn lane to follow U.S. 35 without entering the lane(s) of traffic for the loons. (This would be for Southbound to Westbound and Northbound to Eastbound traffic movements.)

  • Motorists on U.S. 35 can continue to turn left to either Factory Road or Orchard Lane at the original intersections; traffic at these intersections continue to be controlled by signals as well.

Through the remainder of 2021, crews will continue to install concrete islands, signal foundations, poles and mast arms. Following this work and a winter hiatus, contractors will return in the spring of 2022 to complete final paving, striping, ADA ramps, crosswalk markings, and raised pavement marker installation.


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