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I-70/71 Downtown Ramp Up: Phase 4R / 6R

Add Through Lane(s)

Project Status

  1. Proposed

  2. In Development

  3. Pre-construction

  4. Construction

  5. Completion

Project Description

Part 1: Phase 4R - Front St. Gateway

Constructs a new ramp from I-70 east to Fulton St. and replaces the Front St. bridge over I-70. Additional bridge work includes:

  • Widening the I-70 bridge over Souder Road
  • Replacing the I-70 bridge over Short Street
  • Rehabilitating the I-70 bridges over SR 315

Part 1 of this project will also makes improvements to city streets including the reconstruction of Livingston Avenue between Front Street and High Street, which completes the conversion to two-way traffic. It will also convert Front Street to two-way traffic between Livingston Avenue and Mound Street, and reconstruct Fulton Street between Front Street and High Street.

Part 2: Phase 6R - West Interchange

Builds a new ramp from Mound St. to I-71 south including a new bridge over the Scioto River and SR 315 and a new bridge over Short St., reconstructs the existing ramp from Mound St. to I-70 west including a new bridge over Short St., and reconstructs Mound St. between Front St. and the cul-de-sac.

Expected Impacts to Traffic

The following ramps will close permanently during construction of this phase:

  • Loop ramp from I-70 east to SR 315
  • Exit ramp from I-70 east to Front St.
  • Exit ramp from I-70 east to Livingston Ave. (after new exit ramp to Fulton St. opens)

Additional impacts to traffic include:

  • 1.5-year closure of Front St. over I-70
  • 1-2 year closure of SR 315 south ramp to I-70 east 
  • 30-day closure of Livingston Ave. once Front St. re-opens 
  • Closure of Fulton St. between Short St. and Ludlow St.

For current impacts to traffic, click here.

Access to the Franklin County Courthouse During Construction

Alternate Routes during Front St. Bridge Closure


Project Renderings

Birdseye View of Front St. Bridge

Vehicle Level View of Front St. Bridge

Night View of Front St. Bridge

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