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U.S. 20 widening and resurfacing

Roadway Major Rehab

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Public Comments

The public commenting period for this project has ended. Read the summary of comments and responses.

Project Information

Based on current and future pavement conditions ratings on U.S. 20 (North Ridge Rd.) in eastern Lake County, this major rehabilitation work is necessary to address the long-term integrity of the driving surface. The project will also replace all catch basins  and improve the drainage along this corridor. Pavements are designed for a 20 years of vehicle traffic, but with routine maintenance, can last up to 50 years and longer.

This project involves full replacement and widening of the roadway with asphalt pavement. The roadway will be widened from an existing width of 40’ to a proposed width of 50’. The pavement will be widened from  four 10’ lanes to one 12’ and one 11’ lane with a 2’ shoulder in each direction. These are the minimum lane and shoulder widths permitted.

The project also includes the installation of a new storm sewer system, catch basins, curb, and gutter section to better control drainage on the pavement and meet current design standards.

All existing signalized intersections with turn lanes will remain and they will not be reconstructed within the limits of the existing signalized intersections with turn lanes, but the roadway will be resurfaced. 

During construction, one lane of traffic will be maintained in each direction at all times. Side streets will be closed for a short duration to complete work. Anticipate less than 30 days with alternating sides streets being closed. The following side streets will remain open during construction

  • Blasé-Nemeth Road
  • Lane Road
  • Ohio Street
  • Center Road
  • Townline Road

Project will be constructed in three sections:

  • State Route 2 to Lane Road
  • Lane Road to Center Road
  • Center Road to Townline Road 

Construction is estimated to begin spring 2023 and be complete in fall 2025.


Permanent right-of-way will be required this projects to accommodate the new drainage system, drainage outlet improvements, utility pole relocations, fire hydrant relocations, reconstruction of driveways, and roadway grading associated with pavement widening. ODOT will need to purchase new right-of-way from 209 parcels within the project limits. Acquisition is expected to begin in January 2021 and will take approximately 12 months until acquisition is complete in January 2022. Preliminary right-of-way plans can be viewed here

For more information on major rehabilitation process on U.S. 20 between Townline Rd. and SR 528 (PID 109270), click

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Public comments regarding our projects are always welcome!

This section is for frequently asked questions and project-related questions. You may notice that some projects require one or more formal comment period(s) with deadlines for comments to be considered during certain phase(s) of the project development process. Typically called the “public comment period," this is when ODOT asks the public for input before an important decision needs to be made, such as choosing a preferred alternative. You may notice these periods generally occur immediately following a public meeting.

All comments received, regardless of when or how they are submitted, will be reviewed and considered and/or responded to by the ODOT project team. Comments received through this forum will, when appropriate, be publicly posted along with ODOT’s response; Such comments will be moderated to remove personal information prior to posting.

Please let us know if you have questions, and thank you for your interest and input on the project! 

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