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State Route 43 / Mt. Pleasant Street Intersection Safety Project

Intersection Improvement (Safety)

Project Status

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  5. Completion

ODOT to Present Project Information Online Regarding 

State Route 43 / Mt. Pleasant Street Intersection Safety Project

The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) would like to invite you to participate in a virtual open house public involvement event by viewing a pre-recorded, online presentation regarding a proposed transportation project that will improve safety on State Route 43 at the intersection of Mt. Pleasant Street.  Project improvements are also proposed at the nearby State Route 43/Market Avenue intersection and the Market Avenue/Mt. Pleasant Street intersection. The project is located on the border of Lake and Plain Townships in Stark County, Ohio.

Project information, including a presentation, exhibits and studies, is posted on the project website.  If you do not have internet access and would like materials mailed to you, please contact the individual listed below.  Comments are welcome any time but must be received by October 4, 2021 to be considered during this phase of development.

Project includes: 

Elimination of the eastbound Mt. Pleasant St connection at SR 43. New northbound SR 43 right turn lane to eastbound Mt. Pleasant St. New signalized Mt. Pleasant Street/Market Ave intersection. New signalized State Route 43/Market Ave intersection with left and right turn lanes on Market.

Individuals without internet access can request project information by contacting Brian Peck at Brain.Peck@dot.ohio.gov or 330-786-4931 

Individuals who require interpretation or translation services or a reasonable accommodation to participate should contact Brian Peck as soon as possible. Public participation is solicited without regard to race, color, sex, age, national origin, or disability.


Brian Peck, 330-786-4931 or Brian.Peck@dot.ohio.gov 

Project Presentation Video

 State Route 43 & MT Pleasant St Presentation - YouTube

Reason for Project

o    Ranked on ODOT’s Highway Safety Improvement Priority (HSIP) lists in 2017 and 2018
o    Highest ranked intersection in Lake Twp. on the Stark Co Area Transportation Study (SCATS)
o    Low-cost countermeasures have been implemented. Unfortunately, crash patterns continue.
o    Economic cost of crash injuries and fatalities to Ohio is about $13 billion per year
(2016 estimate; ODOT Division of Planning-Program Management-Highway Safety).

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Public comments regarding our projects are always welcome!

This section is for frequently asked questions and project-related questions. You may notice that some projects require one or more formal comment period(s) with deadlines for comments to be considered during certain phase(s) of the project development process. Typically called the “public comment period," this is when ODOT asks the public for input before an important decision needs to be made, such as choosing a preferred alternative. You may notice these periods generally occur immediately following a public meeting.

All comments received, regardless of when or how they are submitted, will be reviewed and considered and/or responded to by the ODOT project team. Comments received through this forum will, when appropriate, be publicly posted along with ODOT’s response; Such comments will be moderated to remove personal information prior to posting.

Please let us know if you have questions, and thank you for your interest and input on the project! 

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