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I-70 Reconstruction

Roadway Major Rehab

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About the project

This project will reconstruct I-70 though the city of Zanesville and resurface I-70 between U.S. 40 and State Route 93. Full reconstruction will begin west of the Licking Road overpass, including the Maple Avenue ramps and Maple Avenue at the end of the ramps, and end east of the abandoned railroad overpass. The project also impacts 16 bridges within the project limits.


The project will be constructed in four phases which will take more than 6 years to complete. The estimated completion of this project is October 2027. For the entirety of the project, two lanes will be maintained on I-70 during the daytime, with overnight lane restrictions. During Phase 1 of construction, temporary pavement will be constructed to widen the outside shoulders in both the eastbound and westbound direction.  Widened shoulders will be used to allow traffic to run on during all phases of construction. Once shoulder widening and traffic operations improvements are completed, both eastbound and westbound traffic along I-70 will be pushed to the outside so that reconstruction work can begin in the median and along the two adjacent lanes (one eastbound lane, one westbound lane). During all phases of construction, motorists can expect various ramp closures within the project limits, however, some point of access will always be maintained for on and off access in both the I-70 EB and WB directions. During all phases of construction, some form of access will be maintained for motorists traveling from south Zanesville to north Zanesville and vice versa. All phasing is based on current design plans but are subject to change based on contractor innovation and scheduling.

Current and Upcoming Traffic Impacts 

  • Nightly lane closures continue on I-70.
  • 5th Street is closed under I-70 for demo and reconstruction. 5th Street is expected to open in winter 2023.
  • I-70 WB is currently in its phase one construction configuration. The 6th Street on-ramp to I-70 WB is also closed and will remain closed during phases 1, 2, and 3 construction, which is approximately 5.5 years (through Summer 2027). Motorists wanting to access I-70 WB should use the on-ramp at State Street.
  • The Maple Ave flyover ramp to I-70 EB is closed and I-70 EB is in its phase one traffic configuration. The Maple Ave ramp to I-70 EB will be closed for all of phase 1 and 2 construction, which will last approximately 4 years (through Fall 2025). The posted detour for the Maple Ave flyover is Adair Ave (SR 60) to Underwood Street to I-70 EB.
  • The reason for the 5.5 year ramp closure of 6th Street on ramp to I-70 WB and the 4 year closure of the Maple Ave ramp to I-70 EB is due to the extensive work being done on the bridge over the Muskingum River. If you look at the graphic here, it shows the traffic switches for each phase of construction. During phase one, two lanes of I-70 will be maintained in each direction on the outer portion of I-70. It would be unsafe to keep the 6th street ramp and the Maple Ave ramp open due to lack of merge space for traffic attempting to access I-70.

View map-based information and traffic cameras on OHGO.






What to Expect

July 2021 - October 2021

  • Initial work is overnight work to build temporary pavement on the shoulder, which will be used to maintain traffic during construction.
  • In August, the ramp from I-70 west to Underwood St. and the ramp from Underwood St. to I-70 east will close for reconstruction.

October 2021 - Summer 2023

  • Both directions of I-70 traffic will be shifted to the outside so the contractor can work in the median and lanes adjacent to the median.
  • The State St. bridge over I-70 will close in during Summer 2022.
  • The ramp from 6th Street to I-70 west will close in October for approximately 5.5 years (phases 1, 2, and 3 of construction).
  • The ramp from southbound Maple Ave. to I-70 east will close for on November 15 for approximately 4 years (phase 1 and 2 of construction).
  • Maintenance of traffic adjustments to Underwood St.
  • Temporary closures of 5th, 6th, and 7th St. under I-70 will occur.

Fall 2023 - Fall 2025

  • One lane of eastbound traffic will be shifted to the westbound side to allow the contractor to work on the outside lanes of I-70 east.
  • The following ramps will be reconstructed: Entrance ramp from State St. to I-70 east and exit ramps from I-70 east to State St., 5th St., 7th St. All closures will not occur at the same time.
  • The ramp from Maple Ave. to I-70 east will remain closed.
  • The 6th Street ramp to I-70 west will remain closed.
  • Temporary closures of 5th, 6th, and 7th St. under I-70 will occur.

Fall 2025 - Summer 2027

  • One lane of westbound traffic will be shifted to the eastbound side to allow the contractor to work on the outside lanes of I-70 west.
  • The following ramps will be reconstructed: Entrance ramps from State St. and 6th St. to I-70 west and exit ramps from I-70 west to State St. and Maple Ave. All closures will not occur at the same time.
  • The 6th Street ramp to I-70 west will remain closed.
  • Temporary closures of 5th, 6th, and 7th St. under I-70 will occur..

Summer 2027- Fall 2027

  • Overnight lane closures to complete the final paving and striping.



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