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Ohio Bikeways Brochure

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Download the attached brochure with bike map to check out some of Ohio’s most significant long-distance bicycling opportunities! Or download a one-page bike map. For detailed trail information, please visit ohio.org/cycling and click the trail you want to learn more about! 


  • Check your equipment and safety gear. 
    Make sure your bike and helmet are in good working condition. Reflective clothing can increase visibility.
  • Be cautious at trail crossings. Stop, look, and listen before proceeding across the road.
  • Pass other trail users on the left. Give an audible warning with a bell or call out “Passing on your left!”
  • In Ohio, bikes are legal road users and have all the same responsibilities as other vehicles. Be sure to follow traffic signs and lights, ride with traffic, and use bike lights outside of daylight hours.