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Quaker Scenic Byway
Springfield Friends Meeting House and Cemetery

Springfield Friends Meeting House and Cemetery in Clinton County

The 54-mile Quaker Scenic Byway celebrates the migration of Quaker settlers in Ohio. This scenic loop in southwest Ohio, primarily in Clinton and Warren counties, offers travelers historic, pastoral, recreational and educational sites including Quaker meeting houses and highlights of Quaker heritage in Ohio, such as the first school for free African Americans in Harveysburg. This scenic byway intersects with the Little Miami Scenic Trail and Caesars Creek State Park and is connected by two historic towns, Waynesville and Wilmington. The byway's landscape remains untouched by urban development and suburban sprawl, leaving the area much as it was when the Quakers arrived 200 years ago. The byway utilizes scenic and less-traveled roadways where possible to maintain the historical heritage of the scenic byway.

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